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Getting Better.




Meltdown v2.15

   This is the best mod on the planet. All <!TU!> servers are running this mod at least 90% of the time.  It includes many weapons and a lot of admin options.  To get a detailed description of Meltdown 2.15, click Here.



   This is the only other mod <!TU!> runs.  Havoc has been around for ages and is at its best. It has many weapons and in my mind is a good sniper's dream.


Meltdown 2

   Dynablade has produced yet another Meltdown. But, this one has a twist. It isn't for Tribes anymore, its for Tribes2!!! And I     was part of the Dev team this time.


Flash Apps


The Fight

    The Fight is a great flash app that is about 1.35 MB.  It is about stick people kicking massive rear end.  Author is unknown because I can't read Japanese/Chinese.


Add-on Packs



   Presto pack is essential to all Tribes players because it provides you with many more commands to say to your teammates.




   This is a sweet CPU clocker for all you 'geeks' and just curious gamers.